We unmask anonymous
online child predators to
help bring them to justice.


Unrestricted Access to The Internet & The Effect of Total Freedom Online



The Problem Is Bigger Than We Thought: Child Erotica vs Child Pornography



Who We Are

The Innocent Lives Foundation started with the desire to make a positive impact on behalf of children. Our Executive Director, Chris Hadnagy, in connection with work that he was doing for his company Social-Engineer, LLC, had the opportunity to work on a few cases that helped track and capture predators who trafficked children and committed other crimes.  Some of these cases hit him very hard.  He saw the impact that these crimes had on innocent people, and he wanted to do something about it.

Chris is a leader in the white hat hacker community, and this community has nearly limitless talents and abilities to locate people anywhere they hide. Chris knew with additional resources he could help many more victims. In addition to his resources in the technology and social engineering industries, he assembled a group that includes Neil Fallon, lead singer of the rock band Clutch, Tim Maloney, a lawyer experienced in forming and representing non-profits and technology based businesses, and Rob Berra, a former military officer now experienced in mapping networks of human traffickers in the United States. What they all had in common was a desire to use their unique talents and networks to address these problems and prevent crimes against future victims – that day The ILF was born.

How We Do It


Seeking the assistance of appropriate members of the white hat hacker community

We will assemble a team with the talents required to create tools that will unmask anonymous online child predators.

Utilizing data from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Our team will use cutting-edge legal hacking techniques to unmask these anonymous online child predators and reveal their true identities.

Establishing working relationships with Law Enforcement

It is imperative that we deliver the results of our work to law enforcement so that investigations can be opened against these unmasked, no longer anonymous, online child predators.


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Unrestricted Access to the Internet and the Effect of Total Freedom Online

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