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What does the Innocent Lives Foundation do?

The ILF uses Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to identify child predators to help bring them to justice. Once we have an appropriate amount of intelligence to confirm the identity of a predator, we submit a full report to law enforcement.

In an effort to prevent more cases in the future, we also produce articles to educate adults about issues related to child sexual abuse material.

Is the ILF a government agency?

No. The Innocent Lives Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. EIN: 82-1110116

If I have knowledge of a child being exploited or abused should I report the case to the Innocent Lives Foundation?

If you know of a child being harmed, please report this information immediately to the CyberTipline and contact your local law enforcement.
If you suspect a child is being abused, exploited, or groomed, please report the case to the Innocent Lives Foundation via our Report a Case form, and we will launch an investigation.

What do donations cover?

Donations cover resources, tools, and the workforce to fuel the mission. For more details, you can find our 990s in the footer of our website.

What is the conviction rate of cases worked by the ILF?

Our goal is to provide enough evidence in each of our case files to lead to a conviction. Once law enforcement has accepted a case, it is out of our control, and law enforcement has no obligation to report the result of the cases we submit to them. Therefore we cannot provide accurate conviction statistics.
Some of our confirmed wins have been turned into anonymized impact stories.

What is the ILF’s Wellness Program?

The Innocent Lives Foundation cares deeply for all of our volunteers and employees. The Wellness Program is our way of ensuring we are not damaging the mental health of our volunteers in any way. All ILF volunteers and employees must participate in a mental wellness session with our Director of Wellness once a quarter (once a month for our Predator Identification Team). Our Director of Wellness can also provide referrals and resources to our volunteers and employees as appropriate.

How can I support the ILF’s mission?

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on generous donations to operate. Please consider donating to our mission. Please visit our Get Involved page for additional ways you can support our mission.

What is the Hero Program?

The Hero Program is an opportunity for fans of the ILF to get exclusive ILF apparel, events, and more by donating at specific monthly tiers. Learn more at the Hero Program site.

Is the ILF a vigilante organization?

No. The ILF operates under strict guidelines and regulations. One of our guiding principles is “no vigilantism” because predators take advantage of loopholes to avoid prosecution. By not engaging in vigilante behavior, these loopholes do not exist. To learn more, watch “Why Vigilantism Doesn’t Work.”

Where can I obtain financial records for the ILF?

Links to our financial records are in the footer of every webpage. For more detailed information, please see our GuideStar profile.

Where can I read the Bylaws?

The Bylaws can be found at this link – ILF Bylaws