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A Federal Agent Comments:

“I just wanted to take a second to thank you for all of your work that is being utilized in the field on an everyday basis… I listened to the most recent Social-Engineer Podcast with Chris and Dr. Abbie about “Learned Helplessness” and the principle that some victims become hyper sexual later in life to regain the control they lost as an abused child.
I cannot express how timely this was as our suspect had previously been abused… Channeling the thoughts you shared in your podcast and using them in the interview room was so useful…
The end result was he made several admissions to possessing CSAM and even hands on contact with children. This was a direct result of listening to Chris and Dr. Abbie on the Doctor Is In Series of the podcast. I just wanted to thank you for your research, knowledge and willingness to share it. I will continue to use this in my investigations, but more so, in training federal agents I instruct.”

Listen to the Podcast

The Doctor Is In Series - Ep. 221 - Dr. Abbie Maroño