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As an archive or previous Spotlight on Giving Stories we will add them to our updates section.

In April of 2019 we posted this amazing Spotlight:

We recently took an amazing Fund Raising training that highlighted how we can help people with passion, like ours connected that passion with being to help the ILF financially. One great example of this is our friend and supporter Rachel Tobac.

Rachel tweeted: “One of my favorite non profits is @InnocentOrg – they work alongside law enforcement to use social engineering & OSINT to take down child predators. I’m donating $100 today, whose down to match me? My goal is 1k from this thread.”

The outpouring from her simply tweeting to her fans and followers was amazing. With dozens of comments, retweets and likes the donations started coming in. Phillip Wylie donated $200. Then Patrick Laverty donated $100. Cville donated $50, along with another anonymous donor. Kenneth Hoyme, Sean Frazier and another anonymous donor all donated $100 each. When Rachel saw how much support she had, she then donated $1001 herself to the ILF.

With just one tweet and so much support this little 1 day campaign raised $1701!! What an amazing and humbling experience.

Thank you to Rachel for taking this initiative. Thank you to Phillip, CVille, Kenneth, Sean and our anonymous donors for stepping up. And thank you all for your amazing support!