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How to Avoid Zoom Bombing

Thank you to all who attended our three Webinars in April on “How to Avoid Zoom Bombing” hosted by ILF Founder, Chris Hadnagy.

The webinars were a great success & many asked us to post to replays. With the stay at home orders across the nation, Zoom has exploded into use for families, businesses and school systems. In April, Zoom reported they had 300 million daily meetings running, this up from December of 2019, with only 10 million reported. Zoom rapidly stepped up to help repair the gaps in their system as many of the new users were unaware of how to set their privacy settings to keep unwelcome visitors from ‘bombing’ their meetings.

“Thanks! I appreciate all of the work you and your team do to promote safety online! Stay well!” – Kristen

The basics that you need to make sure you have checked are here
(click here to download a PDF version)

Webinar Replays

We have saved two of the recorded sessions for you to review and share.
Please note, the 4/24/2020 session had everything go wrong that could go wrong so if you’d like to see a bit more of the ILF Team humor, you’ll want to watch that one.

Stay Secure on Zoom Webinar 4/16

Stay Secure on Zoom Webinar 4/24