This work is so important.

AJ CookSearchlight

This donation comes from a group of friends who got together to cheer for the Eagles during the Super Bowl. We simply placed a collection jar next to the food and drinks, and everyone pitched in as they were able. It is an honor to contribute to the Innocent Lives Foundation. Thank you for all that you do!

Ephrata, PennsylvaniaFlare

Thank you Neil for bringing awareness to this cause! If making this contribution is a part in helping end this, then I'm glad to have helped.

Lindsay MaussFlashlight

When I think about children being exploited, hurt or humilated I get angry. I want to support a group of security professionals that can help save even just one child. Thank you!

Anonymous DonorFlashlight

I support ILF to attack a serious problem I feel does not get enough attention. The skills required to properly cut into these issues are typically not covered by standard law enforcement agencies. Only a specialized group such as this with world-class resources can truly put an end to it.

Richard O.Flashlight

I wanted to make a difference.


I supported ILF because I was abused as a child and I know how horrible it can affect a child.

Yvette HirthFlashlight

What ILF is doing here is one of the most important missions that we can do. Hackers have a unique ability to fight evil and work to keep children safe. I’m a huge fan of ILF’s mission, its results, and the need and desire to do everything we possibly can in this earth to protect the innocent and helpless.

David Kennedy, CEO TrustedSecSearch Light

I donated because I have kids and am appalled at how low people will go to prey on them. I can't imagine any child in this situation - especially my own. Kids need to be kids as long as possible.

Jason S.Flashlight

I am so proud of your efforts to put an end to this ugly problem, Neil! Wish I could give more.

Elaine SignoriniFlashlight

The topic of child abuse is something my wife and I care a great deal about. We want to help in any way we can.

Kyle Antoszewski & Kortnie AllenFlare

It's all about protecting the children!!

Anonymous DonorFlashlight

Neil, you are an inspiration. Thank you. Thank you.

Anonymous DonorFlashlight

I am so happy to help any way I can. Keep up the good work, Neil.

Ross GorinsonFlashlight

If only one child can be saved this would be a life time achievement. Thank you Neil.

Anonymous DonorFlashlight

Thank you for your work.

Carol F PuderFlashlight

United by a passion of justice and technology...we will find you, expose you, and put you away...

Anonymous DonorFlashlight

Personal motivation to donate was related to the fact that we live in a gray world where sometimes its hard to find a clear right and wrong. Human trafficking and child exploitation is one of the issues where there is a clear right and wrong. There is no gray area. I have a great respect and thankfulness for organizations and individuals that actually do something about this evil. Keep up the good work ILF!

Anonymous DonorFlare

I was at DefCon when Chris spoke to the room about the organization, the story behind its genesis, the team that had been assembled, their mission and the challenges they faced. As I shared the story with my peers - we all felt that what was being started here filled a gap that we've felt very much needed filling....putting together the right people to fight a very worthwhile and challenging fight....with the appropriate coordination and engagement of established authorities to make it successful. Why am I donating? Because this is an amazing effort to support....and because I can.... I'd encourage anyone who can to do the same.

Erich ‘MilkMan Dan’ MuellerFlare

Vindicate the weak and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.

Psalm 82:3-4 – Albrecht Ventures, LLCFlare

Our family feels this is a great cause and wants to help other children.

Lorne and Jodi HazlewoodFlare

I always felt strongly about exploited children. Let's make an environment where cyber predators are caught and exploitation does not exist anymore.

Anonymous DonorFlashlight

In honor of Neil Fallon and his supportive family, as well as the good work of the ILF.

Lucinda Low SwartzFlashlight

This cause is something that touches my heart. The horror for children having to endure drives me to want to help your amazing organization. Thank you.

Anonymous DonorFlashlight

Wiley is proud to support the mission of The Innocent Lives Foundation and their work to unmask online predators. We’re glad to see Chris Hadnagy and other cybersecurity experts using their incredible skills to deliver actionable intelligence to law enforcement to bring these predators to proper justice.

Jim Minatel, Executive Editor, John Wiley & SonsLighthouse

In honor of my cousin and Board member Neil Fallon. We are so inspired and grateful to you, Neil, for bringing justice for these children and championing this work.

Alison Cunningham O'NeillFlashlight

This is incredible, important work being done, and children need to be protected.

Patrick LavertyFlashlight

I can not bear the thought of children being hurt. I know the folks who run ILF and I wanted to help... I am compelled to help.

Anonymous DonorBeacon

I was a foster parent for 26 years. I cared for many, many children who will carry the physical and emotional scars for life after having been sexually abused or exploited.

Judy BartlettFor the Love of a Child

I want to help bring down the inhuman people who prey on the innocence of children.

Kat Mickelson

This is a great cause.


In honor of AJ Cook's Birthday!

Kirsten Vangsness

There is no greater tragedy than the enslavement of another, to consider this happens to children in our own country is abhorrent to the nth degree. What Innocent Lives Foundation is committed to is something we should all be committed to, freeing children from this horrific crime. Thank you ILF for making the world a better place.

James ChitwoodFlashlight

When I first read about the ILF researching my first DerbyCon I knew right away this was a cause I needed to donate to. Like many, I get angry when I hear about the tragic stories. How could I not do what I could to help the folks who donate their time to protect our children who are unable to protect themselves? It does take a village. Keep up the great work!

Rose PetramalaFlare

I support ILF's mission and want to help equip them to protect more innocent life.

Anonymous DonorSearch Light

Thank you for doing some of the hardest work in the world -- you are a shining light in the darkness. SocialProof Security is honored to support your work!

SocialProof SecurityBeacon

Because @RachelTobac introduced me to this organization, and if cyber skills can be used for such critical work, it needs to be supported. Helping parents and kids live safe, productive and harm free lives, online and off, is such a worthy mission.




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