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A special THANK YOU to ILF Ambassador Alethe Denis!

PENGUIN has contributed nearly $10,000.00 to the ILF through various creative avenues!


As CFO of PENGUIN Voice & Data Services Alethe helps the ILF save over $2000.00 annually compared to our previous provider.

By donating proceeds from her training events countless people have learned of the ILF mission while receiving world-class training.
Additionally by inviting her network to donate to the ILF via the ILF Hero Program and her personal ILF fundraising page she continues to drive much-needed support!

To say we are big fans of Alethe would be an understatement! And we invite you to get to know her better.


Alethe is a Social Engineer who specializes in open-source intelligence (OSINT) and phishing, specifically voice elicitation or phishing over the phone. Awarded a DEF CON Black Badge at DEF CON 27 for Winning the Social Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) contest. She, along with her team, was awarded both silver and black badges, for second and first place respectively, in the July and August editions of the TraceLabs OSINT Search Party CTF.

Alethe is:

We asked Alethe about what got her interested in OSINT/SOCMINT work…

“I’d been doing OSINT professionally in some way shape or form for nearly 15 years when I first went to DEF CON and formally learned the term and how this investigative technique was applied in contests like the SECTF and in all kinds of investigations. This really piqued my curiosity. After applying to compete in the SECTF at SEVillage in Las Vegas, I knew I had to step up my skills beyond the casual social media snooping and public record investigations I had been doing to date. It turned out it was something I really loved doing and that I was fairly good at doing. That’s when I began competing in every OSINT CTF I could get registered to attend. This is also ultimately where the idea came from for the fundraising efforts to benefit IFL through my OSINT CTF strategy and Tactics training, which I hope to continue offering in the future. We had nearly 200 people register for each session. The support of the community and their enthusiasm for ILF was tremendous and very much appreciated.”

Of course, we followed up on her ILF origin story…

“I had been going to DEF CON for a few years and one year I noticed ILF in the back corner of SE village. Their mission really spoke to me on a personal level and at first, I was only really able to support them by donating, buying t-shirts, and helping spread their message on Twitter. Now, PENGUIN, Ryan and myself are happy to be able to contribute in a much bigger way. And use the platform that I have to shine a much brighter light on ILF.”

Alethe, we are so happy to have you on our side! Thank you!