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Authors: The Innocent Lives Foundation
Published: November 1, 2023

The Innocent Lives Foundation (ILF) is thrilled to announce our partnership with Searchlight Cyber, a leading dark web intelligence company, in our shared mission to protect children and bring anonymous child predators to justice.

We’ve joined forces with Searchlight and are now utilizing their powerful dark web investigation solution, Cerberus.


ILF‘s Predator Identification Team (PIT) utilizes Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to uncover the true identities of anonymous child predators and compile evidence, which is then passed on to U.S. and international law enforcement agencies for further action. To date, we have worked closely with law enforcement in over 500 cases, successfully identifying and bringing offenders to justice.

The dark web is often used by predators to share explicit materials related to children on hidden sites while concealing these predators’ identities. This anonymity poses a significant challenge for law enforcement and organizations like the ILF.

Searchlight’s Cerberus, developed in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, has been used in some of the world’s largest dark web investigations. With access to Cerberus, we can now identify predators attempting to hide their tracks on the dark web. This incredible tool allows us to gather critical intelligence and build strong cases against offenders operating on the dark web.

Evan Blair, General Manager of North America at Searchlight Cyber, added:

“We are proud to be working with the ILF, an organization whose mission we believe in deeply. Bringing criminals operating on the dark web to justice has been part of our ethos since Searchlight was founded. Working with organizations like the ILF, we can make sure that dark web sites and forums are no longer a safe haven for criminals to act with impunity, which can have the most profound impact on the lives of thousands of children.”

Christopher Hadnagy, CEO and Founder of ILF, expressed his gratitude:

“The power that Cerberus has put into our hands will enable our mission to expand in ways I never thought possible. It is only by partnering with companies as generous as Searchlight that ILF will be able to continue to assist law enforcement in this vital mission.”

Forging a Brighter Future for Child Protection

The partnership between the ILF and Searchlight Cyber represents a significant step forward in the battle against child exploitation.  This collaboration not only underscores the dedication of both organizations to protect the most vulnerable members of our society but also highlights the importance of technology in supporting this noble mission. With the combined efforts of the ILF and Searchlight Cyber, we can look forward to a future where the dark web is no longer a haven for child predators, and where the lives of thousands of children can be profoundly impacted for the better.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Searchlight Cyber for their unwavering support of our mission of safeguarding children from the dark web’s dangers. Their commitment and their powerful Cerberus tool have become invaluable assets in our collective efforts to protect the innocent.

We would also like to express our profound thanks to all our supporters who stand with us in this critical endeavor, as your contributions and dedication are instrumental in making our mission a reality. Without your help, none of this would be possible.


Searchlight Cyber provides organizations with relevant and actionable dark web intelligence to help them prevent cybercriminal activity. Founded in 2017 with a mission to protect society from the threats of the dark web, we have been involved in some of the world’s largest dark web investigations and have the most comprehensive dataset based on proprietary techniques and ground-breaking academic research. Today we provide governments, law enforcement agencies, and enterprises around the world with dark web investigation and monitoring capabilities – empowering them in their fight against criminal activity on the dark web.

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