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Published: June 4, 2019

Just a couple months ago board member and friend of ILF AJ Cook had this crazy idea… what if we could run a fundraiser where a lucky winner would be able to come and visit her on the set of Criminal Minds.
Then CBS announced it was the final season and we went into a mad dash to see if this was possible. AJ spoke to her friend Aisha Tyler and she decided she wanted to join forces to see if we could raise some money for the ILF.

We reached out to the amazing folks at OMAZE and threw the idea their way. They were very excited to see how we could make this happen.

With only 9 days we did something extraordinary: 59 countries with over 3,493 donors donated $70,000 (USD) to the ILF through Omaze. That was amazing in itself.

But then the winner was chosen, Jennifer Midgette. Let us tell you, she is a special person. She is a force of positive energy, all smiles and just a wonderful human being who wanted to support the ILF and hopefully meet some of her favorite celebs.

And did she!! She spent 6 hours with them on set doing some of the most spectacular things she never imagined doing. AJ and Aisha and the whole crew were so gracious and so kind it touched her heart.

We want to thank AJ Cook, Aisha Tyler, the whole cast at Criminal Minds and CBS, the OMazing folks at Omaze and all the donors who made this event a true spotlight on giving.

Do you want to help like they did?