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This month our spotlight on giving is centered around an outstanding member of the tech community, Phillip Wylie! 

In May of 2019, Phil launched a fundraiser through Pwn School Project, an organization that focuses on providing free ethical hacking training and continued education. 

In his original post, Phil tweeted: “Back by popular demand, the @SchoolPwn Breach Mode T-Shirt. This time the fundraiser will benefit @InnocentOrg. This is a great cause and a lot of you have probably heard of it. In case you haven’t, @InnocentOrg helps unmask anonymous child predators.” 

This tweet received many comments and dozens of retweets resulting in $640 raised!

If you missed the opportunity to support the ILF by purchasing a Breach Mode T-Shirt, don’t worry! Phil did not stop there! After many donors expressed appreciation for the ability to show support for the ILF, he simply started another fundraiser! Be sure to get yours here before it’s too late! 

When asked why he chose the ILF to support, Phil replied “I think it’s a great cause and much needed since the internet and the various social media platforms and online games make it easier for potential predators to have access to children. It would be tough for law enforcement to do it alone since their resources are limited.” 

Fundraising doesn’t have to be complicated! Previous donors have placed a jar out at a Superbowl party, hosted Twitter challenges and made T-Shirts to raise funds and awareness. Please join the ILF in the fight against child predators.  We can’t wait to tell the world about your ILF fundraiser!

We are incredibly appreciative of the support that has come from this fundraiser. Thank you Phil for hosting this generous event.

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